Cities, get ready for MCR2030

Local governments representing municipalities of all sizes from all regions are invited to get ready to join MCR2030. By sharing your email, you'll get updates on the program, resources to help you move forward on the resilience roadmap, and news on the progress of other cities. You will also be the first to know when you can your city up to MCR officially. 

This January, we will launch the MCR2030 dashboard. This new online tool will allow villages, towns, and cities to sign up officially as members of Making Cities Resilient. The dashboard will be a platform for cities to share knowledge, find resources, and discover service providers to help reduce their disaster risk and thrive. 

How to officially sign up to MCR2030?

1. Complete the stage assessment

2. Get ready to join by sharing your details on this form

3. Download a letter template for your stage, and get your local leader or mayor to sign it

4. Join MCR2030 officially in January 2021 with the signed letter via the new, online MCR2030 dashboard

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