Discover your next steps to resilience

Where is your city on the resilience roadmap? What steps should you focus on, in order to move forward today? This stage assessment will help your city understand what steps to focus on now. The resilience roadmap is designed to help make cities resilient with a unique set of goals and commitments organized in three stages: Stage A, Stage B, or Stage C. By making progress through these stages, local governments will set themselves up for success in their disaster risk reduction and resilience efforts. 

Once you complete the stage assessment, you can download a letter of commitment for your local leader or mayor to sign unique to your specific stage.  You will need to know which stage you are in and a signed commitment letter in order to join MCR2030. Previous participants in the MCR Campaign (2010 to 2020) and local governments certified with ISO37123 should take the stage assessment, but are not required to submit a signed letter in order to join.


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