How to join MCR2030 as a Local Government

MCR2030 Dashboard Guide 

Joining MCR2030
Step-by-step guide for Local Governments

Joining MCR2030 is fast and easy. All sub-national local governments are invited and encouraged to join.

Take the stage assessment  Go to MCR2030 Dashboard

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Download full guide: Available in English, Arabic, French, Portuguese BR, Russian and Spanish.

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Overview of the MCR2030 sign-up steps

How to join - LG - overview




A. Taking the stage assessment and preparing letter of commitment


1. Take the stage assessment to find out whether your city is at Stage A, B or C:

How to guide 1



How to guide 1


2. Download the letter of commitment template and have it signed by your mayor

How to download letter of commitment template


  • Only cities participated in the MCR Campaign (2010 to 2020) are not required to have the letter of commitment
  • Cities certified with ISO37123 can use the ISO37123 certification in lieu of the letter of commitment.



B. Creating the MCR2030 dashboard account for your city


1. Visit the MCR2030 dashboard at:

You can view the MCR2030 dashboard in other language by clicking the language drop down option in the top right-hand corner.  More languages will be added.

How to guide 3


2. Select ‘Local Government’ from the dropdown under ‘I would like to join MCR2030 as a... ’

3. Select ‘Next’

How to guide 4


 4. Confirm if anyone from your government already signed up to MCR2030 on behalf of your city  (Yes/No).

How to guide 5


  • If ‘Yes’ - you will not be able to proceed. (If someone from your government has already signed up, please coordinate with the person to get access to the dashboard. Do not sign up again as this will create a duplicate profile).
  • If ‘No’ - continue with next steps


5. Select ‘Let’s get ready’ to proceed.

How to guide 6



  1. If you select ‘No’, you will be able to proceed to next steps.
  2. A reminder to take the stage assessment and prepare a letter of commitment will appear
  3. If you are not ready to sign-up yet, you can find more details on how to prepare for sign-up and access the MCR2030 dashboard via this link


6. Login to the system

  • If you are the first-time user, please select ‘Sign up or update your password here’.

How to guide 7


Sign up or create a password to log-in

  • Enter your email address
  • Click ‘Send verification code’

How to guide 7


Enter verification code

  • Check your email for an email from United Nations B2C account email verification code
  • Enter your code 
  • Click ‘Verify code’

How to guide 7


Set your password and complete personal information

  • To continue, create your password. 
  • As you type, the rules for your password will appear above the New Password input. 
  • Make sure it’s something you can remember.
    • The password must be between 8 and 64 characters. Your password must have at least 3 of the following:   
      • a lowercase letter
      • an uppercase letter
      • a number
      • a symbol
  • Then, re-enter the same password. It has to match exactly the password you enter in the first box.  
  • Add your personal information (first name, last name, organization and position).
  • Click ‘continue’ and you will be directed to continue with the MCR2030 dashboard city profile creation.

For further information or troubleshooting: 

How to guide 7


7. Fill in the basic information of your city profile in English

How to guide 10



  1. This section is called ‘City Basics’. You will be asked to provide more information in the ‘City Details’ section later.
  2. Complete the information in the order of appearance otherwise it may result in an error that blocks you from completing the sign-up
  3. Please enter details in English for easier browsing by other dashboard users. You can enter the text in your local language in another section


7.1 About your local government

How to guide 11


From the drop-down menus:

  • Select the country in which your city is based [REQUIRED]
  • Select your state / province (the list depends on the country selected) [REQUIRED]
  • Select the name of your local government (the list depends on the state selected) [REQUIRED]



  1. If your state/province or the name of local government is not appearing on the list, select ‘Not in the list’, and manually enter the name in the blank box
  2. Answer the questions in order: Select Country → State/Province → City

How to guide 12


  • Select Yes/No: Were you a previous participant of the MCR Campaign 2010-2020? [REQUIRED]

How to guide 13


  • Insert the current population of your town in numbers only [REQUIRED]


How to guide 14


7.2 Your progress so far

  • Select Yes/No:  Has your city been certified with ISO37123? [Required]


How to guide 15


  • Select the stage that your government is at [Required]


How to guide 16



Find out your city stage by taking the stage assessment at


7.3 Your commitment to resilience

  • Upload the letter of commitment from your mayor [REQUIRED]


How to guide 17


  • Complete the name and job title of the person that signed the letter [REQUIRED]


How to guide 18




  1. Only cities participated in the MCR Campaign (2010 to 2020) are not required to upload the letter of commitment
  2. Cities certified with ISO37123 can use the ISO37123 certification in lieu of the letter of commitment
  3. See section A for more details


  • After completing all basic information, click ‘Proceed to review’


How to guide 19 


8. Review the details you have entered.

How to guide 20


8.1  If you want to make any change, click ‘edit my details’

How to guide 21


8.2  If you confirm the details


  • Check the boxes at the bottom of the page to agree to all privacy policy and terms and conditions.
  • Then click ‘Join’.


How to guide 22





You did it!

Your local government is now an MCR2030 city and can access useful tools and resources to help improve your city resilience.

How to guide 23



C. Completing the city detailed profile


Why completing the city details is necessary?

  • This section is called ‘City Details’. It allows cities to provide more information about the city and what support the city is looking for.
  • Providing your city details help participating entities understand what your city needs are and increase a chance that participating entities can find and work with your city.  At the same time, it helps increase your chance to locate the right participating entities and services that match your needs


1. City Description - Fill in the detailed information of your city profile

How to complete organization profile - fill in


  • Describe the organization’s efforts and approach to resilience [REQUIRED]
  • Describe the organization’s efforts and approach to resilience in a language of your choice (e.g., your local language)
  • Insert your organization’s second official name (e.g., in your local language, if there is any)
  • Upload your organization logo


2. Organization Multi-Hazard approach

How to complete organization profile - multi-hazard approach


3. Once completed, select ‘Save organization profile’

How to complete organization profile - save



  • If you would like to edit the organization details, go to ‘manage organization profile’ in the left menu bar and select ‘organization details’

    How to complete organization profile - menu



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If you have difficulty in the registration process or a question that has not been answered above, please contact the MCR2030 secretariat relevant to your region. 

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