MCR2030 Dashboard Guide for
Local Government 

Resilience building is a long-term progress. Cities should start to invest on resilience now to ensure cities are a safe place for citizen. Join MCR2030 and have access to the online dashboard. Cities can use the dashboard to track their progress along the resilience roadmap, access support from participating entities, resilience resources, tools and services, as well as the ability to connect to thousands of other cities.

Note: for the purpose of MCR2030, the term "cities" is used to refer to all local governments and administrative units which are sub-national, such as, but not limited to, cities, municipalities, towns, villages, districts, provinces, etc.

How-to guides are currently available in English, Arabic, French, Portuguese BR, Russian and Spanish.

How-To Guides for Local Government

Join MCR2030
How to Join MCR2030
Overview of local government dashboard
Overview of local government dashboard
Manage Team
How to add/manage team members
MCR2030 Certificate
How to download MCR2030 certificate
Service Search
How to search for a service and find a potential partner
Share Insights
How to share insights and progress to next stage

How-to guide for MCR2030 Resilience Hub

Resilience Hub
How-to guide for MCR2030 Resilience Hub

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