MCR2030 Dashboard Guide for Participating Entity 

Overview of the dashboard


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When logging in as a participating entity user, you will be taken to the dashboard landing page.


Dashboard Guide-PE-Overview1


Dashboard Guide-PE-Overview2



Quick overview: What can participating entities do on the dashboard?

  • Participating entities can add services that support cities to progress on resilience and promote them
  • Participating entities can see which cities may have interests in the thematic areas of your expertise and contact them to explore collaborations
  • Participating entities can see where on the resilience roadmap the cities are and look for cities that meet basic requirements to obtain your services
  • Participating entities can search for cities by stages, profiles and interests
  • Participating entities can add a reference list of which cities you have worked with before
  • Participating entities can view insights and experience shared by cities 
  • Participating entities can see which participating entities have joined and can provide support to cities
  • Participating entities can search their cities and participating entities and contact them
  • .... and many more



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How do I get in touch with MCR2030?

If you have difficulty in the registration process or a question that has not been answered above, please contact the MCR2030 secretariat relevant to your region. 

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