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Participating Entity

Cities at different stages need different levels of support from experienced entities to progress along the resilience roadmap. Entities have a variety of tools useful for cities at different stages.

Any national government entity, national association of municipality, development agency, non-governmental organizations (NGO), civil society organizations (CSO), academia and research institution, private sector organization, UN entity or organization, networks or interested entities with specific knowledge and expertise that can support cities to progress along the resilience roadmap are encouraged to join as ‘Participating Entities’.


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How-To Guides for Participating Entity

Join MCR2030
How to Join MCR2030
Overview of participating entity dashboard
Overview of participating entity dashboard
Manage Team
How to add/manage team members
Manage Service
How to add and manage service

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If you have difficulty in the registration process or a question that has not been answered above, please contact the MCR2030 secretariat relevant to your region. 

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