MCR2030 in Porto Alegre
Porto Alegre and MCR2030 carry out joint activities to strengthen metropolitan governance of the city
Park area in Campinas, Brazil
Severe storms and flooding almost 20 years ago proved a turning point for Campinas. Since then, the Brazilian city has emerged as a global leader of climate resilient urban development
MCR2030 in Barcarena
MCR2030 conducts training activities with municipalities in Pará (Brazil).
The project consists of a series of plans that, together, seek to raise awareness of disaster risk reduction and climate resilience.
UFJF curso de especialización
Two municipalities will be selected this year to receive technical support in the preparation and analysis of their Local Resilience Plan.
Barcarena es un municipio localizado en el Estado de Pará, al norte de Brasil.
Faced with increasing threats of soil erosion and landslides, Barcarena has been implementing actions to achieve sustainability for more than a decade, making it a benchmark in the State of Pará for its path towards the implementation of the 2030 Agenda.
MCR meeting
In May 2022, Recife suffered the impact of heavy intense rains that highlighted the need for the city to speed up the implementation of urban resilience actions in the face of catastrophes and climate change.
UNDRR and ICLEI join support to Recife to advance climate resilience and disaster preparedness under the MCR2030 initiative
Main goals of ICLEI and UNDRR’s partnership in Recife are to enhance the analysis of risk management and climate change capacities in Recife.
Barcarena MCR2030
Barcarena authorities announced the creation of the Multisectoral Committee responsible for the elaboration and implementation of the Strategy for Risk and Disaster Reduction (RRD) and Resilience of the city.
Train of trainers in the Americas region
The Brazilian municipality of Riversul has become the 300th member of a global partnership of local governments committed to strengthening their disaster resilience in an ever-riskier world.