Porto Alegre recibe certificado de Nodo de Resiliencia de MCR2030 por parte de UNDRR e ICLEI
Currently, only five Brazilian cities have been nominated as MCR2030 Resilience Hubs: Porto Alegre, Recife, Campinas, Salvador and Barcarena.
Petrópolis integra salud pública y patrimonio cultural en el diagnostico de sus capacidades de resiliencia a desastres
The Municipal Council of Protection and Civil Defence - Compdec - of the municipality of Petrópolis, in Brazil, validated on July 26th 2023 the results of their disaster resilience capacities assessment carried out with the technical support of UNDRR.
MCR2030 suma tres nuevos Nodos de Resiliencia
These three new Resilience Hubs will support our global network in sharing knowledge and best practices among MCR2030 cities.
Campinas integra sus sistemas alimentarios en la planificación de acciones de resiliencia a desastres
The UNDRR tool assesses how resilient a city’s food systems are, considering that they are essential to face emergencies and ensure the continuous availability of safe and healthy food.
All-woman panel of mayors allied with MCR2030 shares climate adaptation and risk management practices in the II National Summit of ICLEI Brazil
All speakers emphasized the benefits of adopting a gender perspective to better understand climate change and its disproportionate impact on women.
Región metropolitana de Recife elabora acciones intermunicipales de resiliencia a desastres con UNDRR e ICLEI
The municipality partnered with UNDRR and ICLEI, co-leaders of the MCR2030 initiative in the Americas and Caribbean, to accompany and support the process.
Fabrício Campos (UFJF) next to César da Silva Nascimento (Cubatão, SP) and Lorena Rodrigues de Oliveira (Franco da Rocha, SP) with signed cooperation agreements.
The objective of the Programme is to build capacity in both local governments for integrated risk management and disaster resilience action planning.
MCR2030 in Porto Alegre
Porto Alegre and MCR2030 carry out joint activities to strengthen metropolitan governance of the city
Park area in Campinas, Brazil
Severe storms and flooding almost 20 years ago proved a turning point for Campinas. Since then, the Brazilian city has emerged as a global leader of climate resilient urban development
MCR2030 in Barcarena
MCR2030 conducts training activities with municipalities in Pará (Brazil).