Trinidad and Tobago

MCR2030 Initiative in Tobago
In the face of acute hydrometeorological risks, Tobago joined the MCR2030 initiative in May 2022, aiming to accelerate disaster resilience-building at the island level and lead the way for a more resilient Caribbean region.
Caribbean Regional Workshop on Measuring Effectiveness of Early Warning Systems through Sendai Framework Target (g) and Custom Indicators
Using the structures incorporated in the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction (2015-2030), Trinidad and Tobago is taking a comprehensive overview of hazards, risks and uncertainties to inform its decision-making and planning.
TT Mission
Representatives of UNDRR’s Regional Office and the regional team of MCR2030 met with national and local authorities in Trinidad-and-Tobago and laid the foundations of technical support activities to disaster risk reduction and climate resilience.